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Ian Craig
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First of all, welcome to all of you who have joined us recently! We're delighted our project is proving of interest to colleagues in many different contexts.

By way of starting the ball rolling in the Discussion Forums, I've made this post on Equitable Access vs Environmental Sustainability in Discussion Area > Participant Blogs and Discussions > Critical Inquiry. Please do take a look and post a response if you feel moved to do so.

Please also feel free to start a discussion at any time. Regarding the categories: Critical Inquiry is for more theoretical and scholarly stuff, Equitable Practice is for more hands-on and admin-related matters; Bibliography is intended to harvest suggestions for our decolonial study abroad bibliography (more on this later in the summer).

If you're not sure whether your post fits more in Critical Inquiry or Equitable Practice, just go ahead and stick it in either, we're not fussy!


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