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Opportunities: Conferences

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Star Scholars 2022 Annual Conference: Charting the Way Towards the Knowledge Economy & Society

Dates: December 7-8, 2022

Location: Mauritius

Description: This Conference aims at reflecting on ways and means countries can develop regulatory systems and policies, a sound ecosystem and infrastructure and concrete actions for innovation to thrive. It also aims at discussing the tangible impacts of the K- economy on sustainable development and the society at large. It is clear that the K-economy goes beyond academia and relies on close partnership and interaction amongst local and international stakeholders. Potential themes/topics include: Quality Education and Research, and Academia-Industry-Government Partnerships.

CIES 2023 - Improving Education for a More Equitable World

Dates: February 14-15, 2023 (Online) and February 18-23, 2023 (In-Person)

Location: Washington, DC, USA

Description: Comparative and international perspectives are essential to fulfilling the dream of educational equity. How should we critically look at and meet desired outcomes across time and space? In what ways may micro, meso, and/or macro educational strategies, structures, and processes be improved along with their environments? How do we know through rigorous methods that we ARE making progress responsively? What changes can bring about responsible and sustainable advancement in learning, teaching, and schooling? What implications may these changes have on individual systems, contexts, and the already vulnerable planet? And how may our endeavors help redefine comparative and international education in a way that reconnects it with contextualized educational policy and practice?

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