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Ian Craig
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This Group open to all is for suggesting items for the "Opportunities" page of the site. Please feel free to post a link or details on: a) scholarly conferences and other presentation spaces; b) training and professional development in the field; c) calls for publication submissions; d) mobility grants and scholarships. If you prefer, you can also submit an email to to recommend a post on the Opportunities page. Please remember that GC-SARA is especially focused on equitable opportunities for study abroad students, practitioners and scholars in the Global South and those that favor decolonial approaches.

Join our Book Club! The Forum on Education Abroad will be hosting a series of conversations with authors and editors from our Standards in Action book series, which kicks off this Wednesday.

Please join us and spread the word! The events are free and open to the public and pre-purchasing of the books is not required – we share excerpts with registrants in advance.

Carla Pass
Santiago Castiello
Carla Pass
Carla Pass
06 jun 2023

Thanks for letting us know@Amelia Dietrich! I've added it to our Opportunities page and featured it on the newsfeed.

Me gusta
Carla Pass
June 17, 2022 · added a group cover image.


    This Group open to all is for suggesting items for the "Oppo...


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