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Ongoing Projects

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Participants: Santiago Castiello-Gutiérrez and Ian Craig

Working Title: Cartographies of Knowledge in Caribbean and Mexican Institutional Study Abroad Portfolios

Description: Examines the Institutional Study Abroad Portfolios (Ficarra, 2017) of the Universidad Tecnológica de Monterrey and The University of the West Indies to interrogate the extent to which they replicate, diverge from or entirely reinvent the implicit cartographies of knowledge inferable from other contexts, such as the US.

Expected Output: Article

Start: February 2022

Ends: September 2023

Status: Planning

Participants: John L. Plews and Gilmar Fernandes

Working Title: The Beautiful Duckling: Writing against colonizing narratives of second language acquisition and white supremacist identity in study abroad

Expected Output: Article

Start: 2022

Ends: TBD

Status: Started

Participants: Ian Craig and Paola Palma

Working Title: Anglophone Caribbean Students in Colombia and France

Description: Diary and interview-based ongoing enquiry into students of The University of the West Indies working as English-language Assistants in France and Colombia. 


Expected Output: Research. Continuous enhancement of orientation, and support (researchers are coordinators for their respective campuses); journal article or book chapter. 

Start: July 1, 2022

Ends: TBD

Status: Started

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